German lessons


• individual lessons or small groups

• individual timing (1 lesson = 60 min)

• Vienna region – your office or a place of your choice

• Beginners to advanced


- individual content (conversation, grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension)


- technical German:

- business German

- legal German

- technical German

- medical German


- certificate preparation for ÖSD and Goethe-certificates  / all levels


• For an introduction talk

please fill in the contact form on the contact site.

• For a price agreement

please add the following informations to the contact form on the contact site:

- duration of the lesson - 1h, 1.5h or 2h

- place, level/special requests


Translation service

German < > English


all kinds of texts such as instructions for use, brochures, websites etc. [no certified translations]


fee depending on length in target language and on technical language, but minimum fee per text 50,00 Euro (Please understand that even for short texts I have to charge a basic fee)


Please contact me for an estimate of costs!




- all types of texts regarding:
- spelling, grammar, punctuation, style/expression, text coherency/content

- fee per hour 50,00 Euro

- Please contact me for a quotation!


These amounts are turnover-tax-exempt.