March 2022

Roberto has passed the OSD-C1-Exam.


November 2021

Faeza has passed the A2 exam.


January 2021

Roman has successfully passed the B1 exam.


February/June 2019

Maria passed the ÖIF B1 exam and
B2 exam successfully.


November 2018

Olga passed the ÖIF B1 exam successfully.


August 2017

Yulia passed the ÖSD-C1-exam successfully.


September 2015

Miss Hande passed the exam A2 for
"Austrian Language Diploma" reaching
84 of 90 points.


November 2014

Mister Ali passed the Austrian Language
Diploma level B2 successfully.


July 2013

Ali F. succeeded in the exam for the Austrian Language Diploma B1 (286,5 of 300 points).


July 2013

Darius V. passed the "AustrianLanguage Diploma"


June 2013

Teofana K. passed the B2- exam.


May 2013

Ana C. passed the A2-exam for the "Austrian Language Diploma" very
successfully reaching 81 of 90 points.


December 2012

Teofana K. could pass the examination "Austrian Language Diploma B1" successfully.


November 2012

Simina M. passed the examination "Austrian Language Diploma B2" successfully.


March 2010

Nurije Kastrati passed the ösd-examination level B1 successfully


September 2008

Mr. Sheffer could pass the exam for "certified management accountant" at the "Akademie der Wirtschaftstreuhänder" with honors.